Original Designs, Custom Restorations, & Affordable Repairs

We believe that vocational rehabilitation should have purpose, meaning, and produce tangible results. Many traumatic brain injury survivors chose Unique Options because of the real-world and skilled opportunities that we provide for our clients everyday. In addition to the production services that are completed in our warehouses, we also offer specialty areas of interest for those looking to learn or enhance their talents. Mechanics, wood workers, painters, and others with skilled trade potential and ability are encouraged to let their passions thrive in our Special Projects Program.


What does the Special Projects Program do? The clients who participate in the Special Projects Program are working on real jobs, provided to Unique Options, by you! This program is designed to provide affordable skilled labor to ANYONE in the community that is looking to complete a project.

What can Special Projects do for you? The Special Project Program is a great way to get projects finished without breaking the bank. Here is a more detailed list of what services Special Projects provides to the community:


  • Design and build of cabinetry, furniture, dog houses, etc.

Furniture Restoration

  • Full refinishing services, including repair of broken furniture and refinishing of doors

Repair Shop

  • Small Engine Repair: repair and tune up of lawn mower, snow blower, weed whips, blowers, chainsaws, roto-tiller, go-cart engines, rewiring of light fixtures, repair window screens.

Paint and Stain

  • Molding and trim prep
  • Cabinetry finishing
  • Interior door painting and staining

Automotive Cleaning and Detailing

  • Full interior and exterior cleaning of all vehicles

How do we ensure quality with every project? The job coaches assigned to run the Special Projects area have an extensive background in all of the areas we provide service. This ensures that our clients complete the work properly, so that we not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Unique Options, LLC offers flexibility with every task that enters the Special Projects Program. We specialize in small, one time projects, as well as larger, repeat projects for commercial customers. If you have a project in mind, but don’t see it listed above, please call to discuss it further and we will work with you to accommodate to your needs. 

For more information on the services we offer, please see our Custom Projects page contact Tim Hoste (tim.hoste@neurorestorative.com).

Recent Works Completed by Special Projects